Sobti means a companion for a lifetime

The Sobti Parents Association is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing Residential
Facility for ‘Divyanga’ persons, particularly visually impaired individuals with multiple mental and physical challenges.

Who are we?

At our Respite Care Facility, we provide a secure and supportive environment for Children and Youngsters with special needs. Our inclusive space fosters growth, confidence, and optimal living. Through our wide range of support including rehabilitation, vocational training, and recreational activities, we promote as much independence as possible to our Children/Youngsters. Our qualified professionals work closely with families and healthcare experts, delivering personalized care and attention. Together, we empower individuals with special needs to live fulfilling lives.

Our Mission

To provide a secure, supportive, and nurturing residential facility for individuals with visual impairement and facing multiple mental and physical challenges and empower them with various ways to live a self-satisfying life.

Our Vision

To establish and run a Training Centre cum Facility for the `Divyanga` individuals to gain Soft Skills, Living Skills and earn a Livelihood.

What do we do?

At our Respite Care Facility, we look after children above age 12 and use Early Intervention Therapy for the ones suffering from developmental delays and disabilities. Our Children/Youngsters go through physiotherapy sessions periodically under the expert’s guidance. They are also assessed periodically by occupational therapists. With vocational training, counselling physiotherapy and occupational therapy sessions, our children/youngsters carry out their routine tasks efficiently. Our Special Educators provide Vocational Training to help develop their skills. To enhance their motor skills and foster resilience, various activities such as making Imitation Jewellery, Gel Soap, Mouth Freshener, Multi-grain Atta preparation, and Chutney are conducted at the facility. Currently, we have 16 children/youngsters residing in the facility (including two girls and 14 boys). We have a staff of 3 female and 3 male teachers and caregivers. In case any child/youngsters display any special talent, for example, singing, the teachers take utmost effort to support and nurture him/her.

What is our Workshop cum Training Centre?

Our upcoming Workshop cum Training Centre will be a vocational training facility for all types of ‘Divyanga’ youth belonging to the neighbouring villages around our facility where they will learn various vocational skills to empower them to earn and live a self-satisfying life.


Jahnavi Patil (Age 17)

Janhavi is visually impaired and has Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Her parents brought her to the facility in 2018 because she was unmanageable at home. She did not have a fixed daily schedule and used to get up by midday. She used to eat some junk food instead of having a full meal. She used to scream, was very aggressive and sometimes violent too.

When she came to the centre, our teachers assessed her, and we chalked out a unique programme addressing her needs. We put her on a strict daily schedule.

Initially, she resisted the efforts of the teachers. She used to scream, spit out food and run around the facility widely. It was challenging to handle her, but the teacher’s perseverance paid off. In a year, she started to calm down and became less aggressive. She started following the teacher’s commands. Most of all, she started eating a full meal on her own in the dining hall, along with the other children. Now her parents also acknowledge the sea change that has taken place in her behaviour. This transformation could happen only because of the patience and perseverance of our teachers.

Dattatreya Jagtap (Age 20)

Datta has low vision with central vision loss & severe attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and is marginally mentally challenged.

He came to the facility in 2018. He used to run around continuously and never used to sit in one place. His personality had a trait of negativity and obstinacy. After assessing him, the teachers devised a plan. He had a fair cognition level, but nobody had tried to train him to use it because of his severe hyperactivity. The plan of action included efforts to train him to use his limited cognition ability. Over months, his hyperactivity started reducing. His obstinacy and negativity started decreasing. He started sitting in one place and do the work assigned to him by the teachers. Now he assists teachers or fellow students with their work.

Vedant Gawade (Age 17)

Vedanta has low vision and, the muscles of his legs are weak, so it becomes difficult to balance himself while standing.

When he was at home, we had to shoulder the extra burden of looking after him and caring for him. Now that burden has been lessened, we have a respite to other essential chores at home.

Initially, we stayed with Vedanta at Sobti’s respite care facility for a week to observe the routine. We were impressed by the cleanliness, other good facilities, wholesome food, devotion of teachers, and their constant efforts to keep the children/youngsters busy in various multifarious activities to increase their capacities.

He was alone at home, but at Sobti Centre he was amidst youngsters of his age group. He has become accustomed to the environment of the Sobti Centre and is quite comfortable.

We are now sure that Vedanta is in safe hands and that his future is secured at Sobti Centre.

Adwait Angre (Age 20)

Adwait has been enrolled in Sobti Centre for a last one and half year. He is mentally challenged. He is happy at the Centre. His health has also improved considerably. From childhood he had been experiencing small epileptic jerks. Due to conducive environment and proper care by Teachers Adwait’s epileptic jerks have been considerably reduced. The Teaching Staff is very caring and cooperative and take every possible care of Adwait and other children/youngsters too.

The burden of looking after Adwait when he was at home was tremendous and we never used to get any respite. Now since last one & half year we have that respite. Our attachment for Adwait has increased and we keep on looking forward to Adwait coming home for a short vacation.

Ref.No.: NAB/58 , March 14, 2023


On the continuous motivation and support received from the Department of Education, National Association for the Blind, India; the parents of the MDVI children were encouraged to come together to form a group of parents which led to the establishment of the parents’ association in 2004 and named as “Sobti Parents Association”. The meaning of the word ‘SOBTI” in the Marathi language is someone who is always accompanied with. Sobti Parents Association is a registered organization under the Trust & Societies Registration Act.

NAB India from the beginning has observed Sobti’s journey from near and is very happy to say that though the journey was begun in one small apartment it has now reached a full-fledged setup at Wada in Thane District. The MDVI children always need to keep busy in various activities; hence the parents of these children are taking immense efforts to run the vocational centre in the organization.

Vocational Training with respite care is the uniqueness of Sobti and having close association with them; the National Association for the Blind, India wishes the best for Sobti Parents Association.